Weekend Reading, 2.28.14


Ahhhh….dreaming of spring…

A quick review of my friends’ posts on Facebook brought me to one conclusion: it’s been a rough week all around. Whether it’s the stomach flu or the very long time we still have to go until warm weather, the best part of a week that kicks your butt is the promise you can start over again come Monday. To get you set-up for March (20 days until spring!), here’s your Weekend Reading. Now, get that cup of coffee in hand, and enjoy…

1 | Congratulations to the cast of Listen to Your Mother Boston! If you’re in the area, check out the show on April 26; you can purchase tickets here. If you’re not in Boston, make a plan to see one of the other 31 LTYM shows across the US.

2 | Don’t miss this powerful photo essay about the cruel comments people said to one adoptive family.

3 | I have a dear friend who is a chocoholic. For her, chocolate is a core food group, so this chocolate martini recipe is for you, Michele!

4 | What are we teaching our children our race? Here’s an important read, For Whites (Like Me): On White Kids.

5 | Can you tell if someone is lying?

6 | “Methinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow” – the creative benefits of taking a walk.

7 | Wondering if your kindergartener is on target with reading?

8 | This long and cold winter makes me antsy to take on a home décor project. Maybe one of these?

9 | “For 14 days I stopped yelling. In 14 days, this is what I learned…”

10 | Do you always love me?


Photo credit: conner395 via photopin cc