Bye, Bye Frumpy. Hello, Stitch Fix.

I have something, perhaps, radical to share on Red Shutters today. Are you ready?


I don’t like to shop for clothes.

There: it’s out.

Why? Well, I get super impatient in hot stores. I hate the crowds and sales with fine print that seem to change depending upon whom you ask. I get frustrated when I can’t find what I need. I have a bad habit of buying clothes that don’t match anything else in my closet, guaranteeing an incomplete wardrobe. I could go on and on and on.

My dislike of shopping is compounded by the fact that I work in an office of stylish, on-trend women. My colleagues always look great. It would be intimidating if they weren’t all so kind (and smart and hard-working) and so quick to compliment me whenever what I am wearing is a little bit more pulled together than normal.

Lately, though, I have been feeling sort of frumpy. I knew I had to up my game. So, when I learned about Stitch Fix, I knew my days of frump would be behind me.

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. I started off by completing a detailed online survey about my preferences and size. Then, a stylist (mine was named Michelle) put together a box of items for me, and they arrived last week, all beautifully folded and wrapped. I received a dress, a blazer, skinny jeans, an emerald green silk shell, and a black blouse. If you keep all of the items you are sent, you receive 25% off of the total price. The pieces, on average, are around $65 per item, and there’s a $20 stylist fee.

Stitch Fix Review

I would not have purchased any of the items on my own. I liked that, though; it’s refreshing to have a different perspective in life, isn’t it? Having someone else suggest clothes for me opens up my eyes to different ways people can see me.

Fortunately, Michelle included cards illustrating different ways I could wear the clothes in my box! I love you, Michelle. I really do.

A funny point of note: When I excitedly opened the box, I laughed out loud when I saw the jeans. I was convinced Michelle had sent me the wrong size. There was no way my hips were going to fit in those little jeans. But fit they did, and I looked—and felt—pretty good.

Stitch Fix is such a brilliant solution! I’m looking forward to my next box, scheduled to arrive in about a month. Here’s a link if you’d like to check out Stitch Fix.

Disclosures: None; I bought the clothes on my own!