Roundup: Seeking My Muse


Hello lovely people,

Lately, I’ve been struggling to find my creative muse. She’s napping, I think. Or, cleaning out my basement. Perhaps she’s even catching up on back issues of Real Simple. Helping me with writing inspiration? Nope, that’s not on her to do list.

Which, of course, I find incredibly irritating.

But, with most things in life, I am learning that when I force something to happen, the results are never what I want. So, I’m taking advantage of some space away to fill my “free time” with reading (I am currently immersed in Mogul, Mom & Maid: The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman), watching TV (The Good Wife is amazing), and cleaning out my email (delete, delete, and delete).

And, today, instead of words from me, I share with you another in our when-I-feel-like-it Roundup posts, highlighting the work of others. Some items for you to read, reflect on, and enjoy…

1 | I’m not the only one struggling – Fordeville Diaries

2 | A peak inside the home of an inspiring family – Design Mom

3 | A strategy to encourage good behavior in kids – Rage Against the Minivan

4 | #7 is my favorite – Hello Ladies via Huffington Post (and, oh yea, this is the author of the book I’m reading now)

5 | Getting rid of books seems like a crime; here are some tips if you’re tackling book clutter – Becoming Minimalist

6 | I’m a sucker for peanut butter icing – Center Cut Cook

7 | Thinking of a cleanse? (I am.) Here’s one blogger’s take (and it’s not gross) – Sellabit Mum

8 | Good ideas for dinner activities to help your family connect – The Extraordinary Ordinary

9 | Helpful tips for traveling by air with children – Awfully Chipper

10 | One photographer’s journey to capture ways of life before they disappear –  Jimmy Nelson

11 | I’m somewhat shocked that I have start Christmas shopping; thankfully, I found some great ideas in this girl’s gift guide – Motherlode

12 | This event is on my calendar for December 5; I’m really looking forward to it! – MA Conference for Women

Thanks for being here.


Photo credit: …-Wink-… via photopin cc