Wordless Wednesday: Summer Adventures

For the past two days, I’ve had to turn on my car seat warmer during my commute to work, which is a surefire cue summer is disappearing. But before we pull out the sweaters, I had to take a look back at some of our summer highlights…


Story Land!

One of our favorite adventures was when we headed to the famous Story Land for a much-awaited trip (i.e., I was asked daily for about a month if today was the day we we going to Story Land). Grandma joined us, and the kids got in rides on Bamboo Chutes (twice), the Polar Coaster, and the antique cars. We saw a circus, met Goldilocks, rode on a pirate ship, and got dizzy on Alice’s Tea Cups. We bumped into friends at the ice cream stand, got caught in the rain, and rode the train around the park. In other words, it was perfect. A special thanks to Annie of StowedStuff.com, as I won four tickets to Story Land in a drawing on her blog earlier this year, making this visit even more sweet.


Two trips to Maine, Drumlin Farm, and swimming

Our adventures continued as we worked to cross items off our Summer Bucket List. It was rough going, let me tell you! We had two trips to Maine to go sailing, swimming, and exploring; multiple rounds of mini-golf; a visit to Drumlin Farm with our besties and Tanglewood with family; movie nights in our backyard; a BBQ with old friends in Rhode Island; treks to the Decordova and Museum of Fine Arts (where we saw this amazing exhibit); visits with faraway family; and beach adventures on the North Shore and Cape Cod. It was busy, and just what we all wanted.

I always feel that the weeks of summer go by far too fast. Once we reach Fourth of July, it’s as if I blink and it’s Labor Day. It places even greater pressure on us to enjoy each minute. We made great progress on our Bucket List, and our list for next year is even more ambitious. Camp? Movie nights every weekend? Time away for Mommy and Daddy? I have months to plan…

Coming soon…our last entry in our Ice Cream Summer Bucket List!

And so with the sunshine and great bursts of leaves growing on the three, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer. 

-F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby




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