Roundup: Having it All, Kids Books, and Reflections of Summer

How was your weekend, dear readers? Ours was…busy. The hustle and bustle of playdates, church, music class, and errands made summer slide ever further away. The husband and I did squeeze in an evening out with friends thanks to please-let-me-babysit Grandma, and we were lucky to try a delicious new restaurant in the Boston area called Bronwyn. (If you go, get the potato pancakes.) I did manage to get in some reading time, thankfully, and as a result, another in our Roundup series is here for you…


1 | More in the ongoing Having it All discussion: Women can’t do it all from the Telegraph in the UK

2 | This one had me crying at the end: The layaway angel from the Huffington Post

3 | “Having it all seems to breed wanting more. And since we can’t have it all because it is statistically impossible, and since there is no such thing as more than all, the whole notion seems, I’m sorry to say, depressingly American.” – You can’t have it all but you can have cake from the New York Times

4 | Words do matter: Yelling at kids could be just as harmful as physical discipline  from the Huffington Post

5 | I clearly have work-life balance on my mind this week: Ambitious women face more obstacles that just work-life balance from the Harvard Business Review

6 | My dream career now a reality thanks to my iPad: 10 apps for your inner architect from Apartment Therapy

7 | You had me at organization (especially those glossy boxes): Living room organization from Design Sponge

8 | I can’t get enough of kids’ books: Back-to-school books from Momtrends, Books about differences from Apartment Therapy, and Old-fashioned books from Pragmatic Mom

9 | An intimate look at food allergies: Tiny Little Needles-Food Allergy Parenting from Quirky Fusion

10 | As fall arrives, I love this reflection on summer: What I relearn every summer at the pool from Toddler Summer

This week marks my son’s first full week of kindergarten and after school care. He’ll take a bus from his elementary school to another school in our town for after school, and I am unsettled by this part of the transition (OK, by the whole transition). Thankfully, he’s very excited about after school, so I should the one who has the hardest time. If only I could take on the stress of all of life’s transitions.

Here’s hoping your week brings you time for finding time for you amid the busy.

Photo credit: supermattzor via photopin cc