We’re cooking with Boloco and Nasoya!

We’re cooking today at Red Shutters!

(So, it’s a humor post, right? At least, that’s what my family will likely think.)

When the folks at Boloco and Nasoya invited me to recreate Boloco’s signature dishes at home, I was, at first, perplexed. Me? I am not a food blogger! There are so many talented food bloggers out there, and those people really know how to cook. But, on second thought, I realized I was, in fact, perfect for this gig. I cook simple and straightforward, aiming for yummy and healthy (anything super complex is delegated my live-in chef, my husband), which is just what this opportunity, part of Boloco’s Culinary Investigation Assignment, called for.


I’m not even going to show you pictures of my tofu dish. Let’s ogle the Boloco version instead.

Boloco has a branch near my office and lunch from there is always flavorful and satisfying. Plus, I love their flexibility (customize your meal by selecting different sizes, adding ingredients in and out) and environmentalism (their packaging is recyclable or compostable and their ingredients are often local).

So, armed with a recipe (which you can find below), coupons for Nasoya’s organic, non-GMO tofu, and a little bit of hope, I tried to make two of my favorite Boloco dishes at home. The added twist of cooking with tofu was intriguing, as it’s not a product we typically cook with at home, though it is one I’ll often order out.

I attempted (notice how I keep saying “tried” and “attempted” instead of “made” or “cooked”?) tofu tikka masala and a Mexican tofu (my version of Boloco’s Cajun dish). I purchased firm and extra firm tofu, and both were easy to work with, making this dish so easy. Essentially, the receipe directs you to complete eight steps: drain, cut, spray, season, bake, flip, season, and bake. Then, eat.

Tofu Recipe from Boloco

Nasoya Tofu
Cajun Spice Mixture {Tikka Masala, or any seasoning you’d like}
Pan Spray

Appearance of Tofu:
Tofu is milky white in color when first out of the package.  It will look light-golden brown out of the oven.  The texture of roasted Tofu is crisp golden-brown with moist interior.  Do not over roast.

Time Expectation: 35 Minutes

1. Open up the plastic covering the tofu and drain the liquid out into the sink.
2. Place on a cutting board and cut the “brick” in to five pieces lengthwise.
3. Spray the clean baking pan with non-stick spray and lay the tofu on the tray.  Once the tray is full (be careful to leave 1/2 inch between the pieces so roasting happens consistently), liberally season the topside with Cajun seasoning.
4. Roast for 15 minutes in oven at 450°F.
5. After 15 minutes remove and turn using spatula.  Liberally spice second side with Cajun seasoning and place back into oven at 450°F.
6. Once complete, remove from oven and enjoy

I served my version to the family this past weekend, and it went over well, especially considering it was the kids’ first introduction to tofu. My tofu-skeptical husband even enjoyed what I laughingly referred to as my “tofu burgers,” and he went back for seconds (success!). The kids were even more reluctant to give it a try than he was—like a lot of parents, we have to introduce new foods multiple time—though R did taste the Mexican tofu dish, which is, sometimes, the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest.

Hands-down, the Boloco versions were better than mine. Massively better. Their smoothies (The Jimmy Carter! The Nutella milkshake!) also make a trip to a treat.

The folks at Boloco and Nasoya want you to give cooking their dishes at home a try, too, so I’m giving away a $10 gift card to Boloco and coupons for Nasoya products. Enter the giveaway below. Must be 18 years or older to participate, and must live in the USA.

Disclosure: I was provided with coupons for the Nasoya tofu and a Boloco gift card to facilitate this blog post.

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