Roundup: DIYers, Wonderplanet, and Retorts

I’m home with a sick kid today, so in between watching the Care Bears movie (Which one, you ask? Does it matter? They’re the equivalent of cotton candy for your brain, but I’m giving in because she’s got a fever.), I am trying to catch up on my reading. I’ve pulled together some highlights, for your reading pleasure…enjoy…

1 | I almost fell out of bed laughing when I read this piece in The New Yorker: Wonderplanet.

2 | It’s spring! So, let’s get cleaning and Design Mom has tips to getting our electronics in order: 11 Secrets to Cleaning Your Tech Devices.

3 | In my never-ending quest to find balance, I relish all of the strategies I can glean from others. Here’s a post on just that topic from Young House Love: Work Smarter Not Harder.

4 | I’m in awe of DYIers, especially Michelle from 4 men 1 lady and her new kitchen project: DIY Magnetic Board.

5 | People who can throw parties impress me, too. This Madeline birthday party from Colorful Spark wowed me and it’ll wow you, too: Madeline Birthday Party.

6 | An outdoor shower is completely impractical in my backyard, but isn’t it fabulous? This one, featured on Quintessance, conjures up summer breezes, seaside holidays, and sand in my toes: Oborain The Chic Outdoor Shower.

7 | This mama’s post at Babble struck a chord: The Last Thing A Mom Wants to Hear Her Child Say About Themselves.

8 | One parent’s advice to his children from Zenhabits: I Love You.

9 | One of my oldest friends recently started a blog, titled Sister Serendip, where she writes about parenting, adoption, surviving assault, and so much more. I urge you to check her, and here’s one of her recent posts: Retorts.

10 | And, I’ll end with a call for your help! I’ve submitted two Red Shutters posts to BlogHer’s Voices of the Year contest. You can see them here and here. Your vote would be amazing! Thanks.

Have a fever-free, lovely weekend!

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