Our Easter Egg Hunt

A riddle for you, my friends.

What do you get when you mix together 500 Easter eggs, 93 people, and one sunny morning?


My little man waiting for the fun…
Photo by Amy Armitage
Our family’s annual Easter Egg Hunt!
What to do with 93 pairs of shoes?
We set up an extended
“foyer” on our driveway,
with seating and floor coverings.

How it worked: This past Saturday, we hosted family, friends, and classmates for our hunt–our second annual. It’s casual, super fun event. We open up our house, put out an array of breakfast treats (and, thankfully, we had some wonderful contributions from our guests–thank you, lovely people), set up make-your-own Bloody Mary and mimosa stations (something for everyone, mamas and papas included), brewed coffee, and, oh yeah, “hid” 500 eggs in our yard.

Since I knew the kids would be running around the backyard, gathering their eggs, they’d need something in which to carry their treasures. I purchased small brown kraft paper bags from Michael’s, and put together a crafts station for the kids to decorate them. Stickers, markers, and crayons helped those bags become egg-slecent! (I couldn’t resist.)

About 45 minutes in, we all gathered outside on our driveway, and established the rules: 1) 11 eggs per child, and 2) no fighting over the eggs (and the kids added: no pinching, poking, or hitting). The 2-year-olds went into the yard first, then the 3-year-olds, and on. And, they were off.

Little people (and some parents, too) ran all over the yard, putting eggs in their bags. We hid those eggs under bushes, at the base of trees, in the side yard, in the back yard, and on the deck. The best part were the kids who, once they found their eggs, scurried away from their parents to empty out the candy and eat it all in one sitting. (OK, maybe just my kids did this.)

Somebody found the candy!
Photos by Amy Armitage

Now about those eggs: I take this Easter Egg Hunt very seriously. With 40+ kids in attendance, we needed 500 eggs. Plus, the squirrels in our yard are fierce; we lost a few eggs to them between putting them out at 6 AM and the party’s start four hours later.

The kudos for the eggs go to my husband (thanks, love!) who stuffed those 500 little ones while watching sporting events (and likely reruns of Braveheart) the week before the party.

Family! Bunnies!

The pretty stuff: This party is the only time I go to the dollar store. I load up on those plastics eggs, and feel guilty the whole time for not being green. (If you know of an eco-friendly alternative to those plastic eggs, let me know, as planning for 2014 is already underway.) I hit Costco for candy; Joann Fabrics for fabric to make my tablecloth more Easter-y; Target for more candy, plates, cups, and silverware; and Amazon for cute napkins and decorations. (Next year: only go to one store and pull the trigger on an Easter bunny costume.)

The post-party news: This is one of my favorite parties to host, and our dear guests seemed to have a great time, too. The best part, by far, is introducing people to one another, and watching people relax and have fun. The worst part? The extra M&Ms in my house. They are so cute, but soooo dangerous.

Now, onto next year…

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