Poetry Monday: Momma Said

April is National Poetry Month. Established in 1966 by the Academy of American Poets, it’s a celebration of poetry’s “vital place in American culture.” I’m happy to do a little bit of celebrating of that vitality here on Red Shutters. And, I’m not the only one: the US Postal Service has gotten into the mix. To coincide with National Poetry Month, the Postal Service is releasing commemorative stamps featuring 20 twentieth-century poets. You can visit the Postal Service’s website to learn more about who they selected.
I love stamps, don’t you? They are a small way to make a statement. And, these stamps are a wonderful way to make that thank you letter or bill (does anyone pay their bills via check anymore?) a bit more literate and meaningful.
Speaking of meaningful, today’s poetry choice is very specific: defiance is my theme, in honor, if you will, of my beloved 2.5 year old daughter who is taking stubborn to a whole new level. She’s redefining it, actually. Happy Poetry Month!
Momma Said
By Calvin Forbes
The slice I ate I want it back
Those crumbs I swept up
I’d like my share again
I can still taste it like it was
The memory by itself is delicious
Each bite was a small miracle
Both nourishing and sweet
I wish I had saved just a little bit
I know it wasn’t a literal cake
It’s the thought that counts
Like a gift that’s not store-bought
Making it even more special
Like a dream that makes you
Want to go back to sleep
You can’t have your cake
And eat it too Momma said
I was defiant and hardheaded
And answered yes I can too
The look she gave me said boy
I hope you aren’t a fool all your life
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  1. April 18, 2012