Wordful Wednesday: Big Boy Bed

He looks so happy, doesn’t he?

Part of the transition to the new house

was moving R into a big boy bed.

No more toddler bed. It’s time for the big leagues.

Fortunately, from the previous owners of our new house,

we purchased two twin beds, one for R and one for G.

With a new mattress and box spring,

bedding from Ikea, and a Lightning McQueen bed rail,

R was all set.

Lightning McQueen was the ticket, I think.

I underestimated McQueen’s impact.

I would have gotten something practical (i.e., no Disney)

that we could have used down the line for G,

but Dad picked out this one, and he was right.

The kid is enthralled.

And, most importantly, he loves to sleep in his new, big boy bed.

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