Wordful Wednesday: Cousins

My son talks about his cousin, K, who lives in sub-Saharan Africa, very far away from our home, all the time (this is not an exaggeration). The two have one big adventure each summer when K comes back to the US for an extended family visit. This is the highlight of R’s summer. 
The 2011 summer reunion is currently underway, and this time, we’re fortunate to have extended family from Europe visiting, too. Eight adults and seven children, aged two to twelve, are gathered together in one house by the beach. We’re having a fun, sand- and sun block-filled vacation, and R and K are inseparable. 
Here are the tumbling cousins…. 
(if only they’d cooperate for a bath to get all that sand out)…

…and here they are exploring a nearby beach town, 
the sweetest pic yet! 
Hope a special reunion is in store for you this summer!
Life all comes down to a few moments. 
This is one of them.
–From the movie, Wall Street