Thank Goodness for Nurses

Britta. Linda. Carol. Jenny. Danielle. Solange. Melissa. Lisa. Jen. Sue. Kristen. Leslie. Sandy. Chloe. Maria. Tom. Scott. Elizabeth. John. Widline. Agnes. Anne. Anna. 
These are but a few of the nurses, nurse practitioners, and nursing aides who have cared for my mother while she recuperates from two surgeries to fight off her latest round of cancer. And, I’m sure I’ve forgotten others. They are an amazing group of women and men who represent the best in medicine and health care, combined with amazing patience, determination, and compassion. I couldn’t imagine the last two weeks without their help and support. 
So, now, as we celebrate National Nurses Week, I ask you to think about a nurse who has touched your life. Did you thank her or him? If not, do so now. This week of honor began with National Nurses Day on May 6, and concludes on May 12 the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the woman who is revered for establishing the modern nursing profession. 
So, to all of the nurses who have helped my mother, I say “Thank You!” You have, and continue to be, a tremendous gift to us all. 

Nurses are angels in comfortable shoes. 
–Author Unknown
*Image courtesy of the American Nurses Association
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