Feelin’ Crafty

Our crafty tales continue….

Recently, while on the checkout line at Joann, I saw $1 wooden bird houses, and remembered this blog post.  I can do that, I thought! A craft project for the kids! And, so we did…

Here are our little house, pre-kids. Before we started, I spread newspaper across the table, making sure to tape the paper down, so little hands couldn’t throw it onto the floor. I also dressed each child in one of my husband’s old t-shirts, and used washable paints that I had picked up at Joann and Ikea. Paint brushes were also from Joann (got to love the $1 section!). 

R was ready, paint brush in hand, and band-aid on his forehead (don’t ask). 

G loves to paint, to color, and to create. The worst part of the project was when we stopped; she was inconsolable. 

Daddy lent a hand. 

G was a big fan of the purples and blues. 

When the paint on each house was dry, I shellacked them and let them dry a full 24 hours. Then, I hung them on our lemon tree in our living room. Eventually, they will go outside with the tree, when we move the tree on to the deck for the summer. 

G’s masterpiece

R’s masterpiece
I love these little houses. They’re a great memory of a Saturday afternoon craft project, and have inspired me to include more creativity in our lives. 
Art is the proper task of life.
–Friedrick Nietzsche