I ♥ Shutterfly

I’m a Shutterfly convert. I used to use a competitor’s site, but after that company deleted my photos and made a site that’s super confusing to navigate, I switched.

My conversion happened a few weeks ago when I bought a Groupon for a discount on an 8×8 photo book. It was a great deal, and well, who am I to say no to a great deal?

The deadline for the Groupon deal was last Monday, and I was committed not to let it pass. Thanks to help from my Mom (thanks for watching the kids, Mom!), I created a fabulous book of Robby’s artwork. This portfolio of his creations, from birth to age 3 years, is a super way to capture his art, while not having to keep all of the art. Do we really have space for every scribble? I wish I could say I came up with this idea, but I read it somewhere (a parenting magazine? a Mommy blog?). It took a while to take all of the photos of the art (you could also scan them in), but designing the book was super easy and fun. You can see the finished product below.

The other reason I ♥ Shutterfly is because they are running a contest for bloggers: write about your Shutterfly experience and win 50 free holiday cards. Now, I am an enormous fan of holiday cards. I especially love the photo cards. It’s such a great way to track the growth of our friends’ families. I created cards for us already, using Shutterfly’s array of holiday cards. I selected Joy Love Story because I wanted to use several pictures of the kids, and I wanted a cheerful message. The holidays, for me, are all about love, so this card was perfect.

My other must do every holiday is calendars. I create three calendars each year: one for my mother-in-law and brother-in-law and his family; one for my mom and brother and his fiancee; and one for us. They are beloved by our family. In fact, my mother said that, this year, all she wants for Christmas is her calendar. She said that when people come to her house, she sits them down and hands them the calendar to look at–all year round. She’s a very proud Grandma.

Shutterfly also has birthday and New Year’s cards. Making photo cards for special events like this hadn’t occurred to me before (OK, truth be told, New Years around our house is pretty laid back, but a girl can dream of a New Years that requires a party invitation!). Since 2011 is marked by two important birthdays in my family (somebody’s turning 40! somebody’s turning 70!), I will definitely check these out.

And, you should check out Shutterfly!

(Looking to get those 50 free cards for yourself? Go here. )