"Where God go?"

When I came home from church this morning, my son and I had the following conversation:

“Mommy, you go to church?” asked R.
“Yes,” I answered.
“Why, Mommy?”
“To thank God.”
“Where God go, Mommy?” he asked, gazing around the room. “God at church?”
“Yes, love, God is at church. God is also in heaven, but God is really everywhere,” I explained.
“Where God go?” he said, running over to the window.
“God is everywhere. He’s in the flowers, in the trees, in the sun. He takes care of us.”
“God take care of fire truck?” he asked, pointing to his fire truck.
“Yes, God takes care of your fire truck.”
“God take care of the big playground?” he inquired, looking at the playground across the street from our house.
“Yes, God takes care of the big playground.”
“God take care of my house?”
“Yes, God takes care of our house.”
“God takes care of squirrels?” he asked, looking outside at the tree where the squirrels always climb.
“Yes, God takes care of squirrels.”
“God take care of my table?” he asked, pointing to our dining room table.
“Yes, God takes care of our table.”
Then, he proceeded to ask about God and chocolate cake, and of course, God loves chocolate cake, I explained. He seemed satisfied about that answer, and went to go read his book, having had enough talk of religion for the time being.