Happy 2010!

The new year got off to a sniffly start at our house. Robby had his 13th ear infection, and he and Gwendolyn sneezed and coughed their way into the 2010. Both are on the mend now, and we had a quiet weekend of antibiotics, shoveling (9-12 inches in our neck of the woods), and Rob’s delicious chili.

While Gwendolyn did not partake of the chili, she did try rice cereal (note the slimy remains on her chin) again (we first tried in last week), but still was not a fan. I guess she’s holding out for foie gras.
Robby enjoyed his Christmas present from his Uncle Michael: this cute table and chairs from Ikea via Ebay. It’s a new favorite for coloring and snack time.
The kids are also showing off some new tricks:
  • Robby has moved onto four to five word sentences and continues to impress us with his detailed knowledge of his books. He continues to love to read and is adding singing to his talents (“Happy Birthday” is a particular favorite).
  • Robby adores “Harold and the Purple Crayon.” If you have not read this classic, I encourage you to check it out. Santa brought Robby the HBO TV series on DVD for Christmas, and it’s now in frequent demand (“Sharold, Mommy! Sharold!”).
  • Gwendolyn can now get almost her whole foot in her mouth and enjoys sucking on her toes. What can I say? She’s five months. She’s saving quantum physics for eight months.
  • Gwendolyn has given up napping, electing to only cat nap, and only if she absolutely must. It’s really fun.
  • Gwendolyn is working on her two front teeth (“All I want for Christmas….”). One is almost all out and the other is catching up. She’s handling it fairly well, though Rob has nicknamed her “Drooly Scrumptious” on account of the plethora of saliva.
  • Oh, and she rolled over. Right off the couch (she’s fine). I say it counts as her first official roll-over, but Rob would prefer something that does not entail crying.

In other news, Rob cut Robby’s hair the other night, and now he looks like a cross between a Marine and George Clooney circa the 1990s (and not for nothing here: any day I can reference George Clooney in my blog is a good day). Needless to say, Rob will not be cutting Gwendolyn’s hair.

We’re looking forward to the year ahead and hope it’s filled with happiness and health for our loved ones and yours. We’re also hoping for change–the good kind, that is–and, of course, we’re still holding out for that big lottery win (keep your fingers crossed!).
Best wishes for 2010!