The Magic Number 8

Gwendolyn did it last night: she slept 8 hours from 10:30 PM to 6:30 AM. It was wonderful. 

The challenge for us is whether or not she’ll do it again. She’s been sleeping 8 hours a night every week or so since she was 7 weeks (she’s 12 weeks today!), but she never seems to stay there. While I firmly believe that, with children, the only constant is change, I am hopeful Gwendolyn can buck that trend and stay at 8 hours (or more) consistently. Believe me, we’re all ready. 
The other challenge we face is 5:30-10:30 PM. Gwendolyn really needs to sleep during this time, but fights it. She’ll do a 45-60 minute stretch–but that’s it. Even after bath, swaddle, nurse, and cuddle, she’ll sleep just a short time. I have all my sleep books at the ready–No Cry Sleep Solution; Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; Solving Your Child’s Sleep Problems, plus The Happiest Baby on the Block and resources from Dr. Spock and the American Academy of Pediatrics–but am still perplexed as to what to do with her during the “witching hours.” She’ll often be fussy and give every indication she needs to sleep, but she resists. In fact, at times, she’s more wide awake than any other time during the day, cooing and smiling–flirting with her father even. I’m leaving this one for after we get more consistency at night, though I do believe the two are connected. Sleep begets sleep, after all. 
Hopefully, we’ll have more good news tomorrow!