"Peeeese, Mommy!"

Robby’s vocabulary is exploding these days, with some awfully cute additions, including….

  • Oh my! — Said with a sense of wonderment and excitement
  • Peeeeese, Mommy! — Said with a belief that he will get whatever he wants just by saying please (don’t get me wrong, it helps, but he’s not always successful)
  • ‘Mingo — His version of flamingo (adorable!)
  • Caboose and coal car — He has a new puzzle (in fact, he’s really into puzzles these days) that features a train as well as boats and cars
Robby continues to be a big reader, now requiring some downtime with a book in his crib before officially falling asleep. I hope he holds onto this fascination with books when he can actually read! 
He’s been singing a lot lately as well. We heard the beginning of the “ABC” song the other day, “Ba Ba Black Sheep” is another popular tune, and today’s homage to his mother, “The Mommy Song” (Oh Mommy, Oh Mommy, Oh Mommy), is #1 on our charts. 
While Gwendolyn has not yet mastered her ABCs, she is cooing quite a bit, which makes us wonder what she is thinking. She’s also working on teeth, much to our dismay, though it doesn’t appear they will break through any time soon. She turned onto her side last weekend (but hasn’t done it again). The hardest thing is that she seems to be slipping in her progression toward sleeping through the night. She was wide awake at 3:30 AM last night, cooing and smiling (it was cute, but she and I could have used more sleep). She’s 11 weeks now, and it’s hard to remember life before her (though I do remember that we had a lot less pink in the house). 
POSTSCRIPT: Some even more recent additions to Robby’s vocabulary….
  • Halloween
  • Little bit
  • Dirty bug
  • Chubby pig
  • Ookie (you may know it as cookie)