I am sitting here on our couch, feeling miserable. Everyone else in New England is happy today: the sun came out, the temperature was in the 80s, it was a day to wear shorts and celebrate summer. I, on the other hand, am nauseous, large, uncomfortable, and well, very pregnant. This whole situation would be unacceptable were it not for three things:

  1. I will not always be pregnant: 39 days until my due date.
  2. I have a son whom I adore, and I will soon have a daughter. A daughter! Wow…that’s all about I can say about that. 
  3. My husband is wonderful.
My husband really is wonderful. For example….he has been incredibly patient with his oh-so-uncomfortable wife. And very helpful. He gives Robby breakfast six out of seven days a week (he sleeps in on the seventh); he gives him dinner the three nights he picks him up from day care; he feeds Robby several other nights, too; he cooks me dinner almost every night; he gives Robby a bath every night and now puts him to bed (since I no longer have a lap); and he also does all of the Rob things around the house. Last night, he killed an ant colony which had taken up residence in our front yard, he cut the lawn and the trim, and he discovered and destroyed a carpenter bee infestation in our shed (and reorganized the entire shed as a result). 
While he took on the ants and bees, I watched really bad reality television and ate frosted mini-wheats. Of course, I also worked on a pair of lungs. 
Thank you, Rob, my love. 
In other news about my men, Robby got great news at the ENT’s today: his hearing tested normal! Another thing for which I am very grateful. 
Oh, and Robby said “doctor” today. Amazing.