Math was not my favorite class in school. I did well in it until geometry, and then just got completely lost in a sea of theorems, right angles, and polygons. Math, however, is one of those subjects that you actually need in real life. This week, in fact, I am doing some special calculating… 

1 toddler + 1 case of pink eye (first time!) + 1 ear infection in the left ear + 1 ear infection in the right ear = 2 exhausted parents
26 weeks pregnant + 1 big belly = an inability to see parts of my body that should not go unseen
“Robby” + “baby” + “open” + “door” + “book” + “ball” + “Moe-moe” + “bubble” + “bus” + “duck” + “Mommy” + “Daddy” = 12 words our little man likes to say (Moe-moe, by the way, is the famous and beloved Elmo)
98 days until Skippy is due + 10 options for names = Skippy is looking better and better as our top choice!
85 degree weather in Boston + 90 SPF sunblock + hats for everyone = getting ready for summer
Got any calculations of your own you’d like to share? Post them in our comments section!