The house next door has been undergoing major construction for several months, and there’s many more weeks before the work is completed. In addition to keeping Robby occupied (he loves siting on the chair in our bedroom, watching the men arrive each morning), it’s also taught me a bit more about architecture. Did you know that we live in a “hip colonial”?

I was pretty thrilled about this. Hip? I said excitedly when Rob mentioned that’s what the builder next door called our house. We’re hip? No, my lovely husband, was quick to say, we’re not hip, our house is.* Oh, I said deflated. Well, at least something I own is.

*According to www.buildeazy.com, a “hip colonial” is a style of house that has a roof which rises by inclining planes from all four sides of a building. It’s a roof which slopes from all four sides of a building. The line where two adjacent sloping sides intersect is called the “hip.” This roof contains sloping planes of the same pitch on each of four sides and does not have any gables.