Many congratulations to our friends, Felicia and Ted, who are to be married this evening in Boston. Rob and I are looking forward to “date night” and are grateful to Nana, who will be watching R while we are out.

In other news, congratulations to R who is on his way to walking! He’s been cruising around the house this week, pushing his little red wagon, the kitchen stool (it has wheels), and the alligator walker from Uncle Dave, Masi, and Kai. He’s also been pulling himself up more frequently and reaching for items up high (which is a lot of fun for us). We (kind of) look forward to having him run very soon.

In other R news, he “moved up” at day care to the Tiny Tots room on October 1. He’s no longer a baby! R is adjusting well to his new room, the new kids (some of whom he knew from the infant room), and his new teachers, Maria and Alicia. He’s more independent now….transitioning off of the bottle, eating some foods by himself, napping once a day (at day care), but he’s not so happy when I leave him in the morning. He seems to understand that I am leaving him now — more than he did before. It makes me sad when he cries, but also secretly happy that he likes me so much!