Update on The Kid

R’s been busy this week….his top priority is figuring out how to crawl, and oh, he is so close! He’s moving his legs and arms, twisting around and reaching to grab the toys just out of his reach. Crawling cannot soon be far away…..

R is obsessed with balls, especially a big, multi-colored ball from his Nana that he likes to pick up and slam into the floor over and over. He especially likes it when Daddy bounces the ball off of his face; that typically causes a fit of laughter. R is also working on two teeth (left-upper front teeth) and isn’t complaining as much as I would you think someone would–it looks so uncomfortable to have teeth come in! Additionally, R has (finally!) mastered the sippy cup. Just yesterday, in fact. I placed the sippy cup in front of him as he sat in his high chair, and he grabbed it with both hands, arched his back, titled his head, and drank from the cup! Hurrah! In the past, he had just gnawed on the spout. He seems to understand that this is a good thing, and now enjoys drinking from the cup with each meal, though he’s still figuring out the balance between breathing and swallowing!

I’m really pleased about the sippy cup because it’s connected to R’s improving ability to hold his bottle. I’ve been weaning him from breastfeeding these past three weeks (though he’s still nursing in the morning and right before bed). It was a hard decision to begin this process, but R is a big boy and needed more nutrients than I could provide. I’ve been torn about ending the breastfeeding: one one hand, it’s great to have control over my body again, instead of being at the beck and call of the baby–and boy, I cannot wait to put away those nursing bras! On the other hand, I miss the connection that comes with nursing and the knowledge that I am making the food he needs to grow. I don’t miss pumping though–not one bit! And, today, R will get his very last bottle of breastmilk…sigh…..He’s adjusting well to this transition, so we seem to have made the right decision.

The truly exciting achievement is R’s newfound ability to associate my husband with the “Dada” sound he’s been making for several weeks and to say “Mama” and mean me! This week, when he’s needed or wanted me, he’s actually said “Mama,” and if we are in the room together, look right at me! My heart’s been singing…it’s just wonderful.