To prove that I don’t blog only about my son…

About six years ago, I took a stand-up comedy class. I was curious to find out if I could be funny professionally. I had one shining night of people paying to listen to my jokes. I killed ’em with my routine about the perils of online dating (an ironic topic, considering how I met my husband). However, despite the applause and compliments from my “fans,” I decided to stick to my day job and leave the punch lines to someone else.

That someone else included a fellow student from my class–Tissa Hami–who was so good during our performance that she was asked to perform regularly at the comedy club. She decided to follow her passion and pursue her comedy. She’s had success, and yesterday, she was the “The View”! Watch Tissa banter with the show’s co-hosts:

Congratulations, Tissa!